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I’m excited to design an amazing presentation for you, based on your branding and style, to impress customers, board of directors, investors, or your professor. Whether you are an individual or an organization, I can help you.

Offering Flat Rate Package Pricing


Freelance PowerPoint Presentation Designer
Freelance PowerPoint Designer
PowerPoint Presentation Specialist
owerPoint Presentation Specialist Designs

You’re here because you need a PowerPoint Presentation created but
You just don’t have the time
The thought of working in PowerPoint raises your anxiety
You know what you want to say but you simply don’t know how to organize it all
You’re still up at 2 AM struggling to create your most important presentation

I can help.



Would you like your next PowerPoint presentation to look clean, high-quality, well organized and professionally designed?

And then relax and enjoy your day!

The Way I Work When Creating PowerPoint Presentations For You

When I begin to design a brand-new PowerPoint presentation for you, I start with a custom formatted slide master that includes backgrounds, placeholders, positioning, on-brand color scheme, and specific fonts to provide a consistent look and feel throughout each presentation.

There are times when you will have existing presentations that simply need to be edited, modernized, and brought up to date.

For that, I redesign your presentation within your brand guidelines by editing the slide master, recreating slide elements, optimizing layouts and alignment of objects throughout the slides, and conceptualizing visualization of existing content.

Quite often I also find that new and existing PowerPoint presentations require formatting or redesigning of charts, graphs, tables, and other editable objects, including vector images (icons).

When it comes to PowerPoint Presentations an eye for detail is very important. My goal is to ensure flawless consistency of your presentation design and layout.

The best presentations are those that are well planned out, with time allowed for design and revisions, both from you (the client) and from me.

And just in case you did not already know this, completed PowerPoint presentations can also easily be exported and converted to a variety of different formats, including PDF, Video, PNG, JPG, etc.

PowerPoint Presentations I Specialize In





The process

Discovery Call

Let’s hop on a free 30 minute zoom call to review your project requirements, ask questions, gather info, and review next steps.



Based on the outcome of our Discovery Call I will email you a Proposal which will include an Invoice and an Agreement (Contract).


I will create 2 to 3 slides to confirm that I understand your requirements. You review them and request any changes at this point. Once approved, I move on to creating the entire presentation deck.


After receiving your approval I will complete your presentation deck based on the agreed to designs. Upon completion I will deliver it to you with a download link, ready for you to present to your clients or staff.

Please review the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section below for more details on how the process works and what to expect.


What do I need to send you to get started on the project?

To get started on your project, I will need:

  1. Your written presentation content, slide per slide concept, in a digital format, in its FINAL version, so that it is ready for me to create your slide deck. It can be in PowerPoint, Word, or email.
  2. Your logo. This can be sent as a separate file saved with the extension of .svg, or high resolution .png with a transparent background.
  3. Your brand guide with your specific fonts and color codes. If you don’t have a brand guide, I will use your website or existing materials to ensure your presentation stays consistent with your brand.
  4. Any additional photos you wish me to use in your presentation. If you provide stock photos, you need to have the copyright permissions to use them.
  5. Your payment. 
  6. The e-contract signed with your e-signature.
When will I get to see a Creative Design concept?

Once I receive your e-signed contract and payment, your project timeline will begin, based on the contract details.

I will create 2 to 3 slides to confirm that I understand your requirements.

You review them and request any changes at this point.

Once approved, I move on to creating the entire presentation deck.

How should I send you my content?

I will setup a file sharing location, and send you the link to upload your content.

I will use the same file sharing to send you the finished project.

What forms of payment do you take and when do I pay?

As an independent freelancer I use an online payment processing platform which accepts major credit cards. All payments are in United States (USD) funds.

Once we have our Discovery Call and we agree to work together, I will email you a Proposal that includes an Invoice for the full cost of the project and an Agreement (Contract) that includes the scope of work, deadlines, and non-disclosure details.

Please note that due to the nature of these digital projects, payment is non-refundable.

Once I receive your payment and e-signed copy of the contract I will begin work on your project based on the project timelines outlined in the contract.

My PowerPoint Presentation contains confidential information. Will you sign an NDA?

Yes! In fact, I use an Independent Contractor Agreement that includes an NDA clause to protect both you and me.

Before I begin your new project, I will email you a proposal that contains the Agreement and an Invoice.

Once I receive your signed copy of the Agreement, and your Invoice Paid In Full, I will begin your project, as per the timelines that we will discuss in your Discovery Call.

What if I have a vision for a particular slide?

That’s perfect. Send me a mockup, with details for what you have in mind.

Will I be able to edit the final presentation?

Yes! The final PowerPoint presentation will be sent to you as an editable Microsoft PowerPoint file, for you to use as you wish.

How many revisions are included?
Revisions mean revising the design concepts and correcting a few words or sentences, not rewriting the content.

Revisions for your PowerPoint Presentation can be done via email.

The number of revisions is based on the package you purchase. By the number of revisions, I mean the number of times you email me with a change.

So two revisions mean two emails from you.

The way it works is that you review the entire presentation and create an email with all of your requests and send it to me.

This will help to eliminate a flurry of emails going back and forth between us.

Please do not wait until the last minute to send me your email, as a turnaround for completion can be up to 3 business days, depending on the number of revisions, and scheduling.

What If I require revisions to the presentation after the project is completed?

Once your project is completed and closed, based on the contract agreement, any new revisions will be a new project.

What if I am in a BIG hurry?
Other clients’ schedules may shift leaving availability for rush projects. Please feel free to reach out if you need a project expedited to see if I have availability. An additional charge of $500 applies to rush projects.